Our products

We propagate several cultivars of Prairie-hardy fruit and ornamental species, all which have great potential for growing in cold climates.

The hardy, delicious haskap are a University of Saskatchewan release. Not only do they produce juicy fruit with a unique flavor, they are also an attractive low maintenance plant for the home garden. We carry 11 cultivars of haskaps and look forward to more new releases from Dr. Bob Bors’ program. We will work closely with Dr. Bors to keep up-to-date on the great work they are doing at the U. of S. to develop hardy fruit for the Prairies.

The dwarf sour cherries are another release from Dr. Bob Bors at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Bors has been developing and testing these plants for several years, with the introduction of Carmine Jewel in 1999. Since then, he has released 5 more, called the Romance Series. Each of the Romance cultivars have their own delightful attributes, such as best for fresh eating or best for producing. Imagine having your very own cherry orchard!

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