Order forms

Orders can be submitted by telephone, fax or e-mail.  To place a telephone order, call 1-866-977-8733 or 780-826-6654; fax at 780-826-4790; e-mail at ptpropagation@telus.net.  Upon receipt of deposit or payment, customers will receive an order confirmation.

You can print off the Order Form (PDF format), fill in your order and fax it to us at 780-826-4790, or you can use the Order Form (Excel format), fill in your order, calculate the costs and either e-mail it to ptpropagation@telus.net or fax it to us at 780-826-4790.

Unfortunately, you cannot order online at this time.


Minimum Order

Canadian Orders

Orders must total a minimum of $200.00 before royalties, taxes and shipping.

Customers must order a minimum of 5 plants per species or cultivar.

U.S. Orders

Customers must order a minimum of 5 plants per species or cultivar.  Orders to the U.S. must total at least $500.00, before royalties, taxes and shipping.

PrairieTech Propagation will obtain the phytosanitary certificate, which is required for export, but the cost is to the customer and it will be added to the invoice.

It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain any import requirements by the USDA. Please contact your local USDA office to check if any import certificates are required.

Please keep in mind that we can ship only selected plants to the US:

Species Cultivar
Haskaps All Cultivars Offered
Saskatoons All Cultivars Offered
Dwarf Sour Cherries Carmine Jewel, Crimson Passion
Sour Cherries All Cultivars Offered
Black Currants All Cultivars Offered
Swedish Aspen
Dakota Pinnacle Birch, Cutleaf Birch
Darn Gorgeous Rose
Goji Berry

Payment Conditions

For orders under $500, we require full payment when the order is placed. For orders over $500, we require a minimum deposit of $500 or 25% of the value of the order, whichever is greatest.· No order is confirmed until the deposit is received.· Payments and deposits are non-refundable.· All prices are F.O.B. Bonnyville, Alberta.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, and debit. If you are sending a cheque please confirm your order with us first as our inventory does change.


Shipping Information

We will be using Canada Post to ship our packages. For large orders (+10 boxes), we will ship by truck. Please call for more information and quotes.

Click here for shipping rates Canada.

Click here for shipping rates U.S.

Shipping Periods

We have 2 shipping periods:

Spring Dormant

Shipping April 1-June. Plants are dormant and have no leaves, and have spent the winter in freezer storage.  This is the only shipping period for U.S. orders.

It is also the best time for home gardeners and hobbyists as growing conditions are more favourable in the spring in most areas.

Fall Dormant

Shipping September.  These plants have just come out of the greenhouse and should be planted as soon as possible, no later than the end of September. Shipping later than this is recommended only for customers with facilities for winter storage.


Some of the plants we sell have an additional cost associated with them, a royalty fee.  We must collect and submit royalties for certain plants, as defined by the plant breeder or organization that developed the cultivar.  The royalties help fund the research and development of new species or cultivars that might be of commercial interest.

Non-Propagation Agreement

We have an agreement with some of the breeders we work with that any plants purchased through us cannot be propagated without permission from the breeder ie you cannot propagate what you buy from us.

Order Substitutions

If we are unable to fill the order due to errors or crop injury beyond our control, the customer is entitled to a substitution at their discretion or a refund of their deposit.  Customers will be contacted before substitutions are made.


Plants are guaranteed live when they leave the nursery.  We propagate and grow our plants with the highest standards and carefully monitor their growth.  We guarantee that our plants are in good condition when they leave our nursery.

We cannot be responsible for risks beyond our control such as shipper error, fire, flood, excessively warm or cold temperatures, drought, insects and unfavourable planting conditions.

We would like you to have great success with our plants so we encourage you to follow the planting and care instructions included with your shipment.